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Need immediate assistance? Email us at help@vsaelc.comPlease read the FAQ BEFORE reaching out to the support desk. 

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Where do I go to attend the live sessions?

Nearly all live sessions are streamed on their session page of the conference site. Just go to the "Sessions" tab then click on the session you want to attend. During the scheduled time, a video screen will appear on the page that will allow you to view speakers, download slides, type in chat, and ask questions. You must click "Watch Live" and unmute for the video to display.  Live speaker sit-downs and Q&A session will be available via zoom after each session has concluded. The link will be posted in the chat for those that want to participate. For the few events, such as nightly networking events that are not streamed to the platform, a link to join will be available on the day of the event underneath the session description. Please make sure to be logged in to view the Zoom links.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. Registrants will have access to videos of all the live sessions for 60 days. You will access the videos the same way you would watch live sessions, on each session page.

Can I download slides from a session?

If a presenter has given us permission to share their slides, they will be available under the slides tab of each session page. Handouts and other documents provided by the speaker will also be found under the slides tab. Not all presentations will be available to download. 

How do I add a session to my calendar?

There are several options to save sessions to your calendar or schedule. On the schedule page, you can add a session to your personal schedule (within the conference website) by clicking "add to my schedule" next to each session. To add it to your external business calendar, click on the session. From the session page, there is an option (link) to "add to your calendar". This will display a drop-down where you can choose which email service (Outlook, Gmail, etc) that you want to save to. Depending on your email service, either a file will download or a link will open in a new tab directing you to add the session to your external calendar. Note: Outlook users will have an iCalendar (.ics) file download. You must click on the file in order for Outlook to open up a new calendar invite for you to save. 

How do I sign up for conference text alerts? 

Opt-in to conference text alerts by texting VSAELC2020 to 833-751-0553 . We will send critical information, last-minute changes, keynote sessions, and major conference news via text alerts.

How do I take full advantage of the conference platform?

Make sure to update your "My Dashboard" profile with all your contact info, social media links, and demographics. Set times you are available to meet via a video call under Vcards & Meeting > My Availability. Add session you are interested in on your schedule by clicking add to schedule next to each session on the schedule tab. Connect with other attendees by viewing their profiles, setting up meetings with them, and requesting virtual business cards (vCards). 

How does matchmaking work?

Each attendee filled out their interests when registering. Under My Dashboard, you can view other attendees with similar interests under the matchmaking tab. Attendees with the most similar interest will be at the top of the list. View their profiles, request virtual business cards (vCards), and set up 1 to 1 video meetings. 

What is a vCard? How do I request an attendee "virtual business card"?

Each attendee's contact information has been loaded onto a virtual business card which is displayed as a vCard. A vCard is a universal format for importing contact information into a contact list or database. Each registrant can request another person's virtual business card by click request vCard on their profile. This will send a notification email to the attendee that you want to collect their business card. Attendees can accept or decline under My Dashboard

How do I set up/schedule a meeting with another attendee?

To set up a video meeting you must view an attendee's profile and select "Schedule a Meeting". That attendee must have selected their availability during the conference for you to select a time to meet. In order to allow others to make video meetings with you at the conference, you need to select times you are available to meet under My Dashboard > Vcards & Meetings > My Availability. Once you have selected these times, other attendees can send you meeting requests based on your availability. 


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